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Nov. 30, 2022

Episode 9: Interview with Maria Bolner: Gifted Resource Teacher

Episode 9: Interview with Maria Bolner: Gifted Resource Teacher
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As a mother it is always such a gift to meet teachers who are impacting the next generation in such a beautiful way! I had the opportunity to talk with Maria Bolner. She is a gifted resource teacher at West Chester East High School in Pennsylvania. Following the pandemic, Maria took it upon herself to support her students beyond the day to day expectations & help provide them with tools to navigate the intense time of not only high school, but returning to school after the pandemic.

And the tool that Maria utilized was Gratitude. She shares stories of how utilizing Gratitude impacted her students throughout the year, as well as how it impacted her ability to connect with her students on a different level.

Maria provides great insights for teachers who might be looking for tools to support their students social and emotional learning and how this little change can have a huge impact.

If you are a parent, I hope (like it did for me!) it brings peace knowing there are wonderful teachers out there like Maria who are choosing to make a difference beyond the day to day for their students.   I hope you enjoy this episode!