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Sept. 21, 2022

Episode 3: The Changes I Felt & The Science Behind it (Part 2)

Episode 3: The Changes I Felt & The Science Behind it (Part 2)
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I hope you enjoyed Episode 2 that went into detail about the changes that I felt with getting intentional with my Gratitude practice. Today's episode is all about the science behind the changes. With all the changes I was starting to feel I had to do my own research to better understand what was happening in my body that made me feel so different. And the research is pretty incredible! In the same way I broke down the different areas that I felt a shift, I used those same categories to dive more into the science.
 As a reminder I am not a scientist :) my intention is to share research that I found after experiencing a shift in my life and wanting to share the research to help others learn more about it.  As I reference in the podcast there is a great podcast done by Andrew Huberman (The Huberman Lab) who is a true scientist (He is a neurobiologist and Opthamologist at Standord) and if you need to hear more details check out his podcast! (The Science of Gratitude & How to Build a Gratitude Practice | Huberman Lab Podcast #47 - YouTube)

Thank you and I hope you enjoy todays episode!