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Feb. 1, 2023

Episode 15: Finding Your Vehicle to Chart Your Own Course, with Jaime Lynn Curley

Episode 15: Finding Your Vehicle to Chart Your Own Course, with Jaime Lynn Curley
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In order to chart our own course, we need a vehicle in which to do it. Whether you are looking to start a movement, have an impact on the world, or support yourself and your family, the vehicle that you choose to pursue that purpose has a massive impact.

I had the joy to sit down with Jaime Lynn Curley, Founder of The Tailor Made Life. Jaime Lynn shared her story of working in a career that she loved and was incredibly passionate about until the day came that she realized that she was missing so much of her life with her little babies. She was getting on the train early in the morning to go from Philadelphia to New York City and was missing all the milestones that she always dreamed of being a part of. 
She was introduced to a product that helped her physically and mentally and she realized that she had an opportunity to shift the direction of her life by partnering with a Network Marketing company to build a business of her own.  She knew that she had to make a choice to make a change and she has spent the last 8 years building a successful business in the Health and Beauty industry. 
As someone who is not in network marketing yet has had a wonderful experience with the products and the professionals in the industry it was a pleasure to talk with   Jaime Lynn about the business, the opportunities that it provides, and how business as we know it is shifting. Networking marketing can be the vehicle to life a live of purpose and passion, it's what you chose to do with it. 

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Jaime Lynn! If you want to learn more about Jaime Lynn or follow along to her story you can find her on social media @jaimelynncurley

Jaime Lynn Curley

Fashion Retailer turned Network Marketing Professional

Jaime Lynn Curley is the Founder of The Tailor Made Life. After over a decade in the fashion industry, she discovered her true calling in health and wellness. After discovering her own success in finding the right balance in mind, body and career, Jaime Lynn now coaches and mentors other women on how to achieve the same success.

She is most comfortable on stage speaking her passion into crowds of thousands or one on one coffee date with an eager woman ready to make a change in her life.

Her home based business and personal life are beautifully intertwined. Her three daughters, Sophia, Malania and Sadie know why mommy goes to work down the hall everyday. They see her vision and are grateful to have her home when they need her the most.

While she appreciates a tailored lifestyle rest assure she can sometimes be the conductor of the hot mess express. She promises to always live the authentically imperfect lifestyle out loud because life isn’t the perfectly filtered highlight reel you see on social media.


As a former fashion retailer turned wellness entrepreneur I assist women in designing a life around balance and style with a focus on health. I help women find time and energy in their day to make time for themselves, work a side hustle and create memorable experiences in both their personal and professional life. Here at The Tailor Made Life we put the sketch pad in your hands so that you can confidently strut down the catwalk on life.