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Jan. 18, 2023

Episode 13: Raising the Next Generation through Mindfulness & Eco Literacy with Genevieve King

Episode 13: Raising the Next Generation through Mindfulness & Eco Literacy with Genevieve King
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I had the honor and opportunity to sit down and interview Genevieve King, the Founder and CEO of Origins Curriculum.  Origins Curriculum is the homeschool curriculum that we are using for our family and is rooted in an understanding of mindfulness and ecoliteracy in early education.
Geneveve has over 25 years experience in early childhood education and an extensive background in sustainability. Genevieve decided to combine her passion for teaching children with her expertise in the principles of sustainability with the opening of Origins Education in 2011 and Origins now has 4 brick and mortar locations with the 5th on the way.
By supporting children in fostering a solid intellectual, emotional, social and physical connection to the earth, Genevieve believes that we develop an understanding of our place in the eco-systems of life as well as gaining a love for life-long learning. She created an eco-literacy and mindfulness curriculum that is both play-based and place-based and is honored to teach young children about the earth, it’s fascinating cycles and how to respect and care for it and all of its inhabitants.

Throughout the episode you will hear Genevieve's story of how Origins Education and Curriculum came to be.  Our conversation explores the impact ecoliteracy and mindfulness has for the early years of our children's lives and how it can help shape and positively impact the next generation.

If you are looking for a homeschool curriculum OR looking to supplement the learning that your children are currently learning- This is a MUST listen! Also, for more information about the offerings of Origins, check out Origins Curriculum - Pre K and Homeschool Conscious Curriculum. 

You can also find Origins on Instagram @origins.curriculum 

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